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Professional Staff

Licensed architect who manages and directs organization toward its objectives, establishes direction and long-range plans, plans/directs mergers and acquisitions

Save Time and Money

Most architects will be happy to provide the drawings, and for a small reproduction fee, you can save timemoney, and questions

Detailed Estimated

ARCUS LITE LLC provides construction cost estimates for Owners, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, and Trade Contractors at all phases of design, from schematic documents through hard bids

On Time Completion

Measures the percentage of projects that are completed on-time. The goal is to get a completion rate of as near as possible to 100%

No Hidden Cost

Free to book with no hidden or any other extra charges and costs. At islandcrete.com the price you see is the price you pay!

Zero Complaints

ARCUS LITE LLC team to work together to resolve complaints, and don’t be afraid to contact us directly to finalize issues. We make responding to complaints a top priority for our staff and managers.

We Proud To Be Awards Winning Construction Company x

Our Vision

ARCUS LITE is an interdisciplinary architectural office, interested in integrating various disciplines; architecture, urban and landscape, design, art. Such an approach has resulted in a series of projects and realizations in United States, Germany, Austria and the rest of EU.
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Our Mission

The approach is to provide the client with a reliable and comprehensive service. In partnership with the investor, we monitor the project from its beginning to its end – from creating a conceptual concept and designing optimal technical solutions to obtaining permits and monitoring construction.
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Open book policy

Many, if not most, general contractors regard the financial details of a construction project as confidential – not ARCUS LITE LLC. We utilize a state-of-the art construction accounting program that tracks every detail, down to a single roll of insulation or box of nails, and we’re ready to share the information with clients at any [...]

Pre-construction Services

Before the first stake is set, putting in the time to make sure that the building you have in mind is the right thing in the right place is always effort well spent. In public building projects, this process of pre-planning is called a feasibility study; in private projects it’s generally referred to as a [...]

Pre-engineered Structures

Until relatively recently, steel building construction was mostly confined to garages, airplane hangars, barns and warehouses. However, ARCUS LITE LLC has found that innovations in manufacturing techniques, building materials, insulation and finishing options, has made this an appropriate method for many types of buildings including churches, retail stores, manufacturing plants, sports arenas, and offices. Among [...]

Design-build Construction

Typically in a design-build construction scenario, the client establishes a budget at the outset for the entire project. ARCUS LITE LLC’s objective then becomes to maximize the value of that budget relative to the client’s requirements. Architectural designers, engineers, project managers and the client work together to find the ideal blend of good architectural design [...]

Construction Management

When ARCUS LITE LLC serves as your construction manager, or CM for short, we become your trusted advisor on all matters related to your building project with a single goal in mind: to provide you with the best value for your construction dollar. You establish a project budget and choose both the construction manager and [...]

Planning & Project Development

When you have the idea—you know the one—the idea for a building project that seems almost too big to tackle, that’s the time to talk to ARCUS LITE LLC. By working with ARCUS LITE LLC’s construction experts,  your idea becomes a spark that sets into motion a plan, funding, a groundbreaking, a project, a ribbon [...]