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Design-build Construction

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Typically in a design-build construction scenario, the client establishes a budget at the outset for the entire project. ARCUS LITE LLC’s objective then becomes to maximize the value of that budget relative to the client’s requirements. Architectural designers, engineers, project managers and the client work together to find the ideal blend of good architectural design and practical construction techniques.

Because all the people involved are on the same team, communication is improved allowing the design process to move forward quickly and smoothly. During construction, the designers are always available to accommodate changing circumstances. At the end of the project, wrapping up final details is simplified because all of the activity takes place within a single company.

The following are the key advantages to design-build:

  • Single-source responsibility. No matter what happens, ARCUS LITE LLC takes responsibility. No finger-pointing, just rapid resolution.
  • Cost savings. Less design is required in the design-build model, so emphasis can be placed on value engineering.
  • Shorter construction time. All the planning and coordination is within a single firm. Easier communication results in a smoother process and minimal changes. Design-build is ideal for “fast track” projects.
  • Reduced administration. One company to pay, one check to write
  • Known costs. You establish a budget at the beginning of the project; we design and build to the budget.
  • Higher quality. A coordinated process reduces frustration and produces the best quality at the lowest possible cost

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