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Pre-construction Services

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Before the first stake is set, putting in the time to make sure that the building you have in mind is the right thing in the right place is always effort well spent.

In public building projects, this process of pre-planning is called a feasibility study; in private projects it’s generally referred to as a cost analysis.

Below are ARCUS LITE LLC services pertaining to each.


When taxpayer accountability is an issue, it’s wise to seek public input on a project before it begins. ARCUS LITE LLC will assist with putting together a focus group or committee of citizens to work through the facility audit and make recommendations to the overseeing authority, such as a school board.

Bond Issue Review

ARCUS LITE LLC will help set the parameters for a bond, if needed, and bring in officials from a bonding agency to discuss and facilitate the process.


We’ll help establish an appropriate budget, bring in experts from lending institutions, and help negotiate financial terms of the project.

Site Selection

Our project managers are experts in the evaluation of the appropriateness of sites for specific building projects. We take into account not just the physical characteristics of the land, but also aspects such as the traffic patterns and the location’s appropriateness relative to the community.

Consultant Selection

ARCUS LITE LLC can help choose qualified consultants in areas such as architecture and engineering.

Project Budget

ARCUS LITE LLC can assist with establishing an appropriate budget for various aspects of the project as well as an overall project budget.

Design Services

ARCUS LITE LLC’s architectural designers can create floor plans and elevations for review by the overseeing authority and the public.


Even when there is no requirement to acquire public comment on a project, careful pre-planning is time and money well spent.


We’ll work with you to establish the initial parameters of your project, including the size and features you’ll require.

Site Selection

ARCUS LITE LLC can help you locate and choose the best candidate from available sites in terms of cost efficiency to build, appropriateness to the community, and traffic flow patterns.


ARCUS LITE LLC is well connected with a number of lending institutions, and we’ll be happy to help you make financing arrangements.

Design & Budget

When the planning and site selection are complete, we will develop initial floor plans and elevations and establish a construction budget based on them.

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